Responsibility for brands

We are driven by a desire for responsibility and development. We work in a spirit of partnership and are perfectly in step with each other – on strategic, tactical, creative and interpersonal levels.

Each agency has its own unique character, enabling it to stand alone and to generate synergies with the other members of our network. We are in a position to leverage all aspects of cross-media communications to help you meet your requirements and achieve your goals. We have the right contacts and teams for healthcare, brand advertising, B2B and B2C communications.


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The Healthcare agency.
We have greater insight into the healthcare sector than almost anyone else.  We have extensive experience in nearly all aspects of the industry. 80 per cent  of the brands we manage rank among the top three in their category.  With more than 40 national and international awards to our name, we are the most  highly lauded healthcare agency in Germany.

From traditional print materials  to iPad apps, mobile solutions and video clips, we take a multi-channel approach  to communications. And we transform good products into true leaders  in their market segment.

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Profiling brands for people.
In today’s information-drenched society, you need to be loud to be noticed. But there is more to being loud than simply upping the volume. It is all about the power of effective strategies and far-reaching, entrepreneurial creativity. It is about having the resolve and courage to communicate brands in a unique way and to constantly tread new paths.

We are passionate about shaping brands and maximising their value. And that is why, hand in hand with you, we develop successful, holistic and socially relevant communication strategies.

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We create digital solutions.
Digital is who we are – and it’s what we do. We know how a digital experience should feel, and we understand how to make your brand truly interactive. We connect you to your customers – helping you build stronger, more successful customer relationships than ever before. We pair state-of-the-art technology with creative trends and trailblazing concepts, and never lose sight of our goal to create a one-of-a-kind user experience.

We design interfaces and interactive solutions to fit your specific needs, creating digital results that will inspire and captivate your audience.

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Digital Influencer Marketing.
Particularly in the digital world, good relationships and access to people play a crucial role in determining the value of a brand – and this is precisely what influencers have to offer. Influencers enjoy a high level of credibility and acceptance among their readers, fans and followers, influencers that gives them the power to both create an impact and influence and change opinions and behaviours. The main value driver at play here is professional storytelling. That’s exactly where we come in: to help you successfully communicate with your target group in this setting. By following a targeted content strategy, we offer a huge range of opportunities for cooperating with bloggers and influencers from the leading social networks via our wide-reaching platform with over 50 million contacts. Everything from targeted content placement to product tests and video seeding to market research and event support.

The campaign planning and support services, monitoring, influencer relationship and qualification management (IRM, IQM) services we offer in this context are controlled centrally in a quick, efficient, targeted and scalable manner via our platform. This is how we create new potential for success at the interfaces where people come into contact with brands, products and companies.


Over the rooftops of Stuttgart our agency is being situated in Degerloch. From here we work with an overall view and a necessary vision for all communicative challenges. You reach us easy and fast by car from the A8 as well with public transportation.

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